Online Retreat Day


The Vernyoga Online Yoga Spa Retreat Day

Date: 11th July



A Day To Yourself


Don't we get so guilty about doing something for ourselves? like we should always be doing something for someone else, otherwise it's terribly selfish ? How about we change how we look at that. An empty well is no good for anything. How can you can you be the best version of you and then help others if your well isn't topped up.

So here's a perfect way to pamper and nourish yourself and top up your well of being to move better, breathe better and feel better.


Treat your body, mind and soul to a home retreat.


No need to leave home, no need to buy anything. It's like the duvet day of yoga, nourishment and meditation!! Take time to nurture and Pamper  yourself. We can’t do that via an in person retreat right now which would be ideal, so we’ll have to settle for the next best thing.

The Vernyoga Online Yoga Spa Day Retreat will guided by yours truly featuring yoga, meditations and pampering treatments to make you feel good inside and out.

What You Will Get:


  • The Vernyoga Pamper Box - Everything that you will need for your day hand delivered or sent out depending on your location.

  • Energising morning session to wake you up and set you up for the day with positive intentions and flowing movements.

  • Afternoon mini mobility session and Pamper meditation where you'll do some gentle move just to make the body comfortable for stillness and then you’ll set up in a yin yoga position with face / hand / feet packs on to nourish and hydrate your skin and I'll guide through a relaxation meditation whilst the packs do their work.

  • Chocolate Meditation - need I say more about this really?! Delicious, organic, raw, vegan friendly, gluten and dairy free chocolate with 55% cacao. and if that's not to your liking (trust me though, it is!! you can request a chocolate of choice, or can you do the mediation with fruit if you prefer)

  • Evening Yin Yoga - Restorative Yin Yoga postures work deep to relax the connective tissues of the body and sooth the soul. The challenge is the stillness whilst you let the yin postures work their magic

  • Yoga Nidra - guided relaxation or conscious sleep as it's often called is closely related to hypnotherapy without actually being it. Hugely relaxing to the nervous system and healing on a deep level. Helping to set you up for hopefully the best nights sleep.... EVER!

What do you need:

  • You may need a yoga brick (or 2) and strap but these can be substituted with dressing gown belts and thick books, they're not essential but I do advise that it is good to have these for your practice and when we return to public classes, where you wont be able to borrow mine anymore.

  • I would recommend that you get some nice, nourishing favourite food in for lunch and dinner to complement your day.



£60 (by BACS) to secure your spot. This covers all sessions and Pamper Box

Miss v Butler




Please notify me of your payment and last 3 digits of your account number so that I know payment is your as my mobile and internet banking doesn't always show your name or reference.



Terms & Conditions:
In the event of cancellation:

2 weeks or more before event - full refund

less than 2 weeks notice - half refunded