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Hi, I'm Vernette -
Experienced, Senior Yoga Teacher and Continuing Education Provider, Pilates & Fitness Instructor, Reiki Master, Therapist and owner of Vernyoga, who is dedicated to helping you with your health, well-being and personal growth.



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Vernyoga offers you high quality, joyful, energetic vinyasa flow yoga, slower alignment-based traditional hatha yoga, kundalini and yin yoga, pilates, pranayama, meditation, mantra, mudra and kirtan, through classes, workshops, retreat breaks and private sessions in Surrey. This site is specifically dedicated to retreat days and weekends hosted by Vernyoga. Come and join us for a yoga break and invest in rest.

"Man is ill because he is never still."  

Paracelsus 14th Century Physician

Brooklands Barn studio - Vernyoga
Brooklands Barn studio - Vernyoga

our studio space for yoga on retreat

The Sauna at Brooklands Barn
The Sauna at Brooklands Barn

Vernyoga weekend retreats

Yoga Workshops
Yoga Workshops

Brooklands Barn studio - Vernyoga
Brooklands Barn studio - Vernyoga

our studio space for yoga on retreat


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What Style of Yoga do you teach on workshops and retreats?


Retreats give us the chance for SPACE, to bring back us back into balance and restore the SELF. To invest in rest. To realign, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We are all so busy, busy doing and busy thinking and not enough time in just BEING. Do you ever stop to think that we are called human BEINGS, not human DOINGS!

You can do as little a you want of the yoga - all classes or only a few. It really is YOUR time to do as YOU want. Be somewhere quiet with a good book, go for a country walk, make new friends. I love the sense of connection and community that builds on retreats. They really are special for the soul and leave you feeling renewed, energised and and calm.

So what are you waiting for?! Head to the retreat page and see whats on offer.


Vernyoga - Earth Core Flow Yoga - A vinyasa FLOW style with some longer holds for strength, balance, pilates core work, all with the breath as the vital link throughout. Designed to challenge the body and empower you, whilst quietening the mind, using an intelligently sequenced series of postures and movements (karanas / asanas / kriyas) that synchronize breath in a continual flow making Savasana (relaxation) at the end, ever so sweet. The transitions are less linear, than some styles and  bio-mechanical, making use of new alignment and anatomy knowledge (Anatomy Trains / Leslie Kaminoff /Sadie Nardini) of myofascial muscle meridians as a primary tool for optimal strength and safety within the vinyasa-based practice. Working organically from strong foundations (EARTH) up through the CORE to ignite our physical, mental and spiritual potential to leave you energised, calm and back to your true SELF.

Vernette lost and maintained a 4stone weight loss and improved her health through yoga and has practiced and studied for 17years (and continues to study), to offer you a class that has a strong, anatomical alignment focus with assistance where appropriate. It's creative, informative, fun, energising, yet calming.

Vernette brings together all styles of Yoga, Pilates and bodywork that she has trained in - Sivananda / Satyananda, Sun Power, Core Strength Vinyasa, appleyoga, Yin, Kundalini/Laya, Bhakti / Kirtan, Sahaja Prana Vinyasa Flow, as well as various fitness and psychology trainings for a full round understanding of ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually and most classes contain elements of these styles, with some leaning more towards one or another and varying in level, strength and pace.


What makes a great teacher?  Two answers from my teachers

“A great yoga teacher embodies the qualities of humility, integrity, patience, knowledge and humour. They are on the path, working on themselves, so they can be a lighthouse for consciousness.”  Katy Appleton (appleyoga.com)

“A good yoga teacher is a practitioner not a performer. Always have the time to help, adjust or give instruction in breath work as well as asana and remember to get off the mat. A great teacher needs the eye, the hand, and most importantly, the heart.”  Anne-Marie Newland (sun-power-yoga.co.uk)

Pilates in Weybridge and Chertsey

'Grace, beauty, strength, energy and firmness adorn the body through yoga'  Yoga Sutras 200 B.C.


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